Demo 2016

by Beyond Scorn

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First demo by sickening guttural sensation Beyond Scorn.


1. Path To Perversity (Intro)
2. Beyond Scorn
3. Sickening Fuck Fest Enslavement


released August 26, 2016

Kevin - Vocals
Kiko - Vocals
Dustin - Guitars, Drum-programming

Special thanks:
Carsten - Mixing/Mastering, support



all rights reserved


Beyond Scorn Düsseldorf, Germany

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Track Name: Path To Perversity (Intro)
Track Name: Beyond Scorn
Uncontrollable anger,
driven by disgust and hate.
My sickening urges force me,
my gun will seal their fate.

And so the hunt begins...

Oh Yeah! Hiding from me is fucking pointless! U'll get what you deserve u fucking pigs. I'll fuck you up!

On my way to find my playdolls.
Skimming the streets, human scum infects my eyes.
Finally I found what suits my fetish.
My last will..

To please me is your purpose of life..

Strapped up..
Shot in the guts, the other one's dismembered,
Don't be scared, you'll get something better.

Arms skinned to the bone,
Teared up as you cry,
Tendonripped apart,
Kneel down to your god,
Now you cant escape,
Begging for death,
Feasting on your bones,
Lusting after flesh..

Meal served!

Puke starts to flow out of your disfigured mouth.

Beyond Scorn 2016 Vete a la mierda, nadamas tonterias hijo de puta!

Lacerated you whimper,

Ya callate el hocico chingado cabron, chupa mi cola, maldito payaso

Just tell your master
whos the beauty now

Final blow off begins..

Dick stuffed in your putrid mouth,
Feel the barrel's steely innards,
as Iejaculate into your cranial vaults...
Track Name: Sickening Fuck Fest Enslavement
Demolition of the Proudness
you once had,
dishonored, broken,
soaked in reeking fluids.

Betrayal of your inner Morals.
It´s not like you had a
chance at all.

Day by day, fucked till
your Innards bleed.
It´s the price they pay,
that gives me all i need.

Disease infested enfuckment while
staring at your childrens pictures.
That´s the closest you´ll ever be to them.

The rancid body parts of yours,
the stench of pure ailment.
It´s not just for the money,
being your god is my fullfilment.

Raised and treated like a pig for slaughter,
daily cumstained presents for your precious fuckhole.

Hijo De Puta!
Yo Disfruta la Tortura! Es mi veradera passion, asquerosa perra!